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Price to Pay for Your Thoughts

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How did i get here? What did I do?

It’s dark again. Who switch off the lights? Hate the fact that it is me. Why? Maybe I’m blind to all those colors. Or is it them who erased it away? Maybe, its just me, who can’t face the truth. Things aren’t getting better when the dark turns in. Even if I whisper slowly, “Stay with me please, tonight”, I know I said that just to make everything alright, when I feel it, and myself told me that it shouldn’t be worst. How can I tell myself what it’s like to be alone?

As I try so hard to close my eyes, my heart agonizingly in pain, beating. Wish I could just stab it, end the misery I’ve put it into. Everyday, I keep on sinking when I reaching out to touch you, but I can hardly feel it all. I’m just lost. I’m just lost, whenever I get this feeling, where I’m the only one who pay the cost, and yes, I’m the only left to be blamed.

When the times come, I will scream to them, “Save yourself honey, if there’s nothing else.”  “Yeah, get some sleep. That’s the best medicine. I will stretch myself here, counting the sheep in my head. Wishing for some sleep.” I guess when I finally figure out the root of the wound, I’m not myself anymore.

What is more clear to me now? Those knife. Those words that is like a knife. “It’s got nothing to do with you.” For regular people, or friends, I would say, yeah, whatever, so true. But, this, killing me softly. It’s as clear as the water, the glass. I can see through this. It’s not working the way that it should. The gap is filling my bedside. The pain is covering my brain. I try to stay righteous, try to stay calm, not gonna be sad, stay out of the sober, but I can’t win. Cause, now I know.. Now  I know..


It’s Dark Again

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For awhile, it has been a wonderful week. How he wish he didn’t say anything wrong, but he did ask something, and it is wrong when he try to persuade for an answer, for a rhetoric question. And he is wrong, truly. For what happen tonight, he is the one to blame, which he can’t take it, that he did it this time. He deserve to be left alone, and his rope should be cut loose. He deserve to sleep and dream alone tonight again.

If this what he deserve, he’ll take it. Well even he have taken it several time. Many, actually. It’s hard to believe he have to fall into this again, but he did, and he really not sure how to hold on. More like the need to cut and slit something, and let the blood pay everything. Yeah, that should fix this beating pain in his chest. The agonizingly painful in his heart, in every beat it makes.

He should be OK. He can pretend tomorrow that he’s fine, that he forget everything. And that’s the way how everything works, from the other side. Well, we shall see tomorrow. But the teardrops, is evident…


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Frustration. Sadness. Emptiness. What would you do to hold on something you love the most? While deep down, you feel they just, different? Maybe you start to become a boring person to them, or every word or joke you say is getting lame and annoying. Or maybe that’s just the way it goes. What would you do? Surely, you don’t wanna lose them, and to just grasp what you’ve lost. What would you do to let them know, how important are them for you? Would you die for it? Would you scream for them?

What would you do?

New Year?

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Well, right now, the unplanned plan is canceled due to some other plan. I guess I should plan earlier. Well a lonely 2010 for me as well. Not sure for the rest of the year though.

Happy New Year everyone.
May God Bless You

Is It Fading Away Already?

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This life is weird. Sometimes you facing endless bad moments, and out of sudden, the light of a good luck light on you. But so does the opposite. When all in the world, you would thought what you having now gonna be last for some time, it’s never gonna be as what you wish for. It’s never easy when you didn’t do well to make it last. Or maybe, you did the utmost you can, but it’s just doesn’t enough for your life. And you gonna be in this epic of terrible, clouding in this confusing feelings, and it makes you hard to breathe. The pain of knock inside of your chest, it comes and goes everyday. How you wish it could be parry just like that.

In football/soccer, they always say, it takes two to make a pass succeed. If only one of the player is trying to make a good pass, while the receiver is only half-heart in receiving the ball, it won’t be a good pass, or maybe the passer didn’t pass it well enough, the pass won’t be completed. It always gonna take two to make things work, at least. You can’t love somebody, without them loving you back(which mean real love, not admire). Both need to be at the same degree, to expect what they need to do, and face, to make it succeed. And it need a lot of determination, and loyalty. Without it, it will be simply useless relation or maybe just for taking advantage of each other.

Time passing by, they face so many obstacle, some almost collide them, some makes them strong. But the doubt inside, if both is still have that feeling to each other, it’ll burn your heart to keep guessing. And from all the situation, the attitude that changed, the toleration is gone, it almost like take a razor and slit it deep on your chest. That’s the feeling to disagree to agree if that’s a sign. The sign of the love that’s fading. You promise yourself you gonna make it work, make it strong, have you done it? You always wonder, if what you did is enough or it simply aren’t sufficient. And it cause you tears everyday to face this storm, when it used to be rainbow back then, a happy moment. And after the storm and the rain, you’ll gonna be hurt more. It’s hard to be all alone. How you wish to scream to them, “Please, put down your world, just for one night, and pick me up where I’m fallen down!”. Wish. It ain’t gonna happen, because you are weak. With every feeling you try to voice out, will only destroy you. In the end you will need to admit, dishonestly, that you just lose control, when there’s no reason to fighting for. There’s no reason worth to fight.

In this moment, you just fake your smile even when you want to cry. You sound like you’re laughing, but you drown in tears. You try to breathe easily, but it full and stuck with blood. And you willing to listen to any lie, to anything meaningful, just anything that can keep you breathing. No matter what happen, you not gonna go anywhere. You glued yourself on the ground where you promise to be forever, and there you are. It’s not because of the promise that make you stay, it’s the heart of yours, and the feeling is so strong. You know you been foolish, well undoubtedly you are a fool. But this heart of stone of yours aren’t going anywhere. You maybe always think you were taken for-granted, but you erase it from your memories, that’s how your mind works. And after that you have this feeling, that everything’s gonna be alright. Even you know you gonna wake up alone, because they leave you tonight, and you’ve been telling them to stop telling you that you can live this life on your own, because living without them, you just can’t breathe without them. Because everything that you’ve been through, is everything about them. You not gonna say goodbye. You know tomorrow gonna be alright. And when you realize that it is alright, it’s already 4.17 a.m in the morning. This heartaches makes you wake up at night, for so many days. You look so crazy when you smile alone remembering those days, those days with rainbow, and sunshine. Even-though you still get those rainbow, but it’s not gonna be that way the whole day. You will always do something wrong. When you tired, they called you angry, when you in need to be heard, they call you mad. You not going anywhere.

You know you not the best for them. And that makes you die inside. What do you feel when everything that you do, is just not gonna make them proud? You still the same lonely people that standing alone in the dark rainy day. What can you do?

This, make you sing Like a Knife, every once a day – that’s the less for a day – does it make you feel better? It certainly does for a short time. Certainly bring the life into the deepest hope of yours. You must keep smiling, because that’s the only thing they gonna notice about you, whether you are in a good day, or a bloody day.
Just keep do what you have to. You will get them to notice you one day, if you haven’t die yet 😉

Counting down the days backward to the days when it all begin~